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Covid Notice

During COVID-19, reduced hours, takeout and limited outdoor seating only. Lauched easy-to-use pickup service. Delivery is available through DoorDash and PostMates. We're cleaning and sanitizing regularly, wearing face masks, keeping up with recommendations by the CDC and the GA Restaurant Assoc. Roastery offers online coffee orders. We appreciate our customers and community. We're so appreciative of our health care workers. Stay kind & let's do our part in staying safe (and caffeinated).

Coffee and Wine Shop

We operate a singular coffee and wine shop in Poncey Highlands. Visit us for your farmer direct coffee experience. Our top selling espresso based drink is our Bee Sting, a honey vanilla latte. We offer beer and wine, along with monthly wine tastings. Currently only virtual wine tastings amidst Covid safety measures. Our next wine tasting is Jan-22, themed Spanish Wines.

Coffee Farm

When we say seed-to-cup we're not kidding. We buy our house coffee from my parents. My family owns Selva Negra Coffee Estate in Nicaragua. Being six generations in coffee, we not only roast the coffee, but we grow it too. We roast coffee for ourselves and 100+ wholesale accounts (grocery stores, hotels, coffee shops, office buildings & restaurants) all throughout Atlanta. Contact us for your coffee needs:

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Why Choose Us?


We grow the beans, we roast the beans, we brew the beans. Working with us, you're talking to the roaster and the farmer.

Small Business

We're small and we like it this way. We enjoy being in every aspect of coffee. We want a relationship with our customers.

Custom Blends

Our customers enjoy working with us in creating their own personal, customized coffee blend. Roasters enjoy selecting from Selva Negra micro-lot coffees.


We offer training and help with getting you kicked off. We remember how fun (and scary) it was starting off and we want to help you with your journey.

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Coffee Gallery

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Selva Negra Coffee Estate

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Selva Negra Coffee Estate

Dry Mill

Selva Negra Coffee Estate

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Selva Negra Coffee Estate

Steve Roasting Coffee

JavaVino Warehouse

Mausi & Eddy Kuhl, owners Steve Roasting Coffee

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