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JavaVino's Story

JavaVino, a coffee and wine house, is a small independently family owned business by Heddy Kühl and Steve Franklin, a husband & wife team. Parents of two boys, Heddy & Steve run a true mom and pop shop.

Steve Franklin, originally from Bloomington, Indiana has made Atlanta his new home. His initial career was in Information Techonology consulting where 90% travel called for a lot of late nights on the road. On these occasions, he often went in search of the perfect hangout where he could relax, work on his projects and still enjoy a nice evening out, without feeling he was so far away from home. It is these experiences that helped form the JavaVino concept.

Heddy Kühl, a native of Nicaragua, has also made a profession of the Information Techonology industry, which explains how Steve and Heddy met. Heddy's parents, Eddy Kühl and Mausi Hayn, come from a long line of coffee. With the start of JavaVino, Heddy is proudly sixth generation in the coffee business. Her knowledge of the industry and her unique creative vision gives JavaVino that extra touch that makes all the difference.

The Kühl Family is part of a long history of coffee producers, dating back to the late 1880's. This time honored tradition goes back six generations in the cultivation of coffee. The tradition continues to this day, Eddy and Mausi Kühl have strived to achieve the ideals of sustainability at their estate, Selva Negra Estate Coffee in the highlands of Nicaragua. This year Selva Negra was awarded the 2007 Sustainability Award by the Specialty Coffee Assocation of America. Read more about this award in our In the News section.

The picture on the left, from the late 1800's, of the three Baldizon sisters, demonstrates the long tradition of coffee within the Kühl-Hayn Family. Left to right, Demetria Baldizon (Eddy's grandmother) married Otto Kühl. Rosenda Baldizon holding her daughter, Meta Baldizon, Rosenda married Alberto Vogl. Pina Baldizon married the gentleman to her side Transito Chaves. The three Baldizon sisters were the daughters of the former Governor of the Province of Matagalpa, Matias Baldizon. Matias who was one of the first Nicaraguan coffee growers in Matagalpa, registered in 1883.

Steve & Heddy import Selva Negra Estate Coffee from Heddy's folks in Nicaragua. The coffee is grown and processed by the Kühl Family, they then export the coffee to their daughter Heddy through New Orleans into Atlanta. Heddy & Steve then warehouse and serve as green bean brokers of Selva Negra Estate Coffee. Most of it stays here in Atlanta though where they roast at JavaVino and sell either by the pound or as drip-cofee at JavaVino.

Offering the true seed-to-cup experience is quite hard, as coffee goes through so many processes and so many hands before reaching us. At JavaVino, we pride ourselves in being able to offer to you the entire life cycle of coffee.

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Heddy's folks through Selva Negra Heddy & her hubby through JavaVino

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