2018 General Events

Join us for events open to the public. These events are hosed in our Wine Lounge, the second floor of JavaVino.

  • EVERY second Friday, 7pm, Wine Tasting.
  • EVERY second Friday, 1pm, Coffee Session.

    2018 Wine Tastings

  • Friday, Jan 12, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Wines to Ring in the New Year. SOLD OUT.
  • Friday, Feb 9, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Chocolate & Pairing. SOLD OUT.
  • Friday, Mar 9, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Chilean Wines. SOLD OUT.
  • Friday, Apr 13, 7pm, Wine Tasting. French Wines. SOLD OUT.
  • Friday, May 11, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Wine & Cheese Pairing.
  • Friday, Jun 8, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Alternative Packaged Wines, Nothing to Sneeze at!
  • Friday, Jul 13, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Sparklings and Summer White Wines. SOLD OUT.
  • Friday, Aug 10, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Italians Wines. SOLD OUT.
  • Friday, Sep 14, 7pm, Wine Tasting. California Wines.SOLD OUT.
  • Friday, Oct 12, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Wines in Disguise! You test and aim to identify the wine.SOLD OUT.
  • Friday, Nov 9, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Bring out the Big Bodied Reds!Buy Tickets
  • Friday, Dec 14, 7pm, Wine Tasting. Holiday Worthy Wines.Buy Tickets

    2018 Coffee Sessions. Free Event.

  • Friday, Jan 12, 1pm, Light Roast vs Dark Roast.
  • Friday, Feb 9, 1pm, Coffee Session. African Coffees.
  • Friday, Mar 9, 1pm, Coffee Session. Washed vs Natural vs Pulp-Natural Coffees. What's the diff?
  • Friday, Apr 13, 1pm, Coffee Session. Clever Dripper takes on the French Press. What's the hype about?
  • Friday, May 11, 1pm, Coffee Session. Espresso 101. Latte vs Cappucino, learn to make them!
  • Friday, Jun 8, 1pm, Coffee Session. Cold Brew Coffee. Learn to make it and taste it, get excited.
  • Friday, Jul 13, 1pm, Coffee Session. South American Coffee Coverage.
  • Friday, Aug 10, 1pm, Coffee Session. Jamaican Blue Mountain.
  • Friday, Sep 14, 1pm, Coffee Session. It's all about the Grind. RSVP
  • Friday, Oct 12, 1pm, Coffee Session. How to brew the best cup at home. RSVP
  • Friday, Nov 9, 1pm, Coffee Session. Roasting Coffee Informational. RSVP
  • Friday, Dec 14, 1pm, Coffee Session. Coffees that make great gifts, Coffees that tell a story. RSVP