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A site to help document all the crazy, yet fun, father-son bonding bad-advice-that dads give their children.

Let me Tell You!

For years whenever Steve, my husband, has given my kids crazy ideas, they end up covered in mud, are clearly having way too much fun destroying the house or doing something they clearly shouldn' was during those times that I would say "Where'd you get that idea from?". The kids would find this funny and it eventually caught on. I would come home and Steve would have a huge smile on his face.. The kids would start with "Mom, look what we did? Yet another good idea from" So here we are today, collecting those crazy dad ideas with you.

Trouble joines the Polar Bear's Club.

Trouble plays basketball WHILE rollerblading.

Mmm, crayon making, indoors?

Not your regular hot tub.

Let's put grandma on the train tracks.

Snow-sledding in the south.

About Us

We're not much different than you really. That's assuming you are a parent and have stumbled onto this site because you wanted to confirm you were't the only family that had kids that were upto craziness all the time. Chance has it that if you're here, it's because they get many of their ideas from their DAD! Well that's us, we're a family of four, five if you count the dog. There's me, mom, that tries to keep up with the rest of them. That would be Steve, the dad and our two boys, code named "Curious" and "Trouble" in the effort of giving these kids some simulance of privacy. Our dog is a silly, frumpy, Doston mutt. He runs into our sliding glass door about a dozen times a time. He's lovable and a neighborhood celebrity. We get swarms of kids, who mostly want to play with Oscar, our dog. I believe I counted 21 kids in our backyard yesterday. 21!

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Seriously, if you have stories of your own...which I know you do, please pass them along to share with us all. It's these full-bellied laughable stories that make parenting so much fun!
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